Career Placement Services




Career Placement Services


We’ve all heard the expression that looking for a job is a job. Career Placement Services provides candidates with a white-glove concierge experience as we navigate today’s job market. We empower candidates with a fair and equal opportunity in their employment search, the power of positive recognin, and genuine feedback conducive to ongoing growth

White-Glove Concierge Experience:


The Discovery phase is a painless and non-invasive process that sets the foundation of our targeted search. We begin to understand you as a person and how our service will help you.


The Alignment phase combines a strategic action plan with a realistic timeline to develop a personalized career placement service tailored to your specific need.


The Production phase identifies companies of interest, their open opportunities, the position’s detail, urgency, and reason for the vacancy.


The Engagement phase positions your candidacy to decision-makers through open and transparent communication as we generate interest in your skills and move closer to an interview.


The Growth phase reveals critically important feedback that contributes to your ongoing development and increases accuracy.


The Action phase prepares candidates for their scheduled interview through effective coaching necessary to secure a second interview and placement.