Contingency Recruiting Service

Madasalins Contingency Recruiting Service is a low-risk, no obligation and quality-driven solution that benefits companies with an already established department of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition.

Contingency Recruiting is an open freedom of commitment that leverages our industry leading subject matter knowledge as an asset to your organization. Expertly sourced talent undergoes rigorous screening as we evaluate the alignment of fit between candidate background and job requisition.

Due diligence is a systematic process of accountability and vetting that verifies employment history, reference checks and character impressions. Candidates are genuinely presented to our clients, and as the sole decision maker they alone make the final decision to accept or reject.

Madasalins white-glove concierge service coordinates logistical steps between clients and candidates in real-time as we schedule interviews and onboarding. Whether your team requires an extra set of hands, an in-depth knowledge of the industry, or an expert understanding of talent.